My thoughts this morning:

Ok, first see the President speaking to the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

The man pauses expecting applause -vs- pausing anticipating applause. He won’t fire anyone, they just disappear like Seals, but I don’t think it’s his speech writers. Valerie Jarrett controls that; and well the POTUS is his narrascistic self. When your running a government that ignores laws it doesn’t like, interjects into state matters, avoids it’s own, and creates regulation or executive orders where the laws they desire do not already exist; it does not matter what the legislature does. Unfortunately the left believes the legislature is the biggest problem here. If the legislature would abandon lawmaking completely and just conduct and prosecute oversight for the remainder of the term, the healing or at least a tourniquet might be placed on the Constitutional Crisis we are wallowing in while still conducting actions on the world and domestic stage. The IRS scandal alone has the potential to call into sterile question the very validity of the reelection and the POTUS’ second term! Now I don’t want an overturning (not the kind that wishes ill on our nation’s fabric; impeachment not withstanding as it’s provided for in the previous)…. I want what’s best to preserve our constitution, but I remain baffled as to why there is not a full blown uprising of at least 5% if our population. I’m not suggesting the use of Liberty Trees or Boston Tea Party’s; but certainly the people and Congress should take an active and tireless action to say the crap stops now and we’ll use every tool of suopeana, arrest, and impeachment of those involved (Low Information Voters: impeachment doesn’t just apply to the POTUS). Absent, the very fabric of our nation is in danger of being ripped from the top as in David’s Temple if not irreparable already. More Americans have probably read Harry Potter or Fifty Shades of Grey than have The Federalist Papers and are sadly cows in the sight of the Alinsky engineered narrative and news cycle. It’s as though there is no self respect.

Ok, off to enjoy my day


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