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Front door for the second half of my life using my time while disabled to study theology, dabble in my shop, and advocate for Liberty and Veterans who suffer with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Severe Memory Impairment, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumas, and those with Crohn's Disease and Seizure Disorder. Of course too I may muster the courage to begin my Scale Models again but fight tremor so bad that it maybe something best to just hang up and sell off. I've lost nearly every enjoyable skill and struggle with the idea of "doing it at all if I can't do so to the ability I once had". I'm most busy with doctors appointments and maintaining my 125 Year Old Home, but also pursue working in my shop and have unreasonable thoughts about once again building quality scale models. Basically its My Shop, Ranting, Retirement, and More… This blog was begun right before my health, career, and entire life's direction was wildly changed, so though the page is 6+ years old, it is bare boned.



**WIP** 1/350 Scale (LPD-21) USS New York; San Antonio Class Pontos Detail, Kits by MRC/Gallery

Welcome to the blog diary of the Work in Progress (WIP) for my MRC/Gallery 1/350 scale San Antonio Class (LPD-21) the USS New York. I am keeping a handwritten log as well as a master plan set in order to bring this all together, but will use this page to hit the major highlights of the build. With approximately 2000 parts in play, it will take much planning to bring the photo-etch (PE) together in concert with the build.
This will be my first attempt at building a ship and most would agree I have bitten off probably far more than I should have with this subject in this scale with this detail set. I figure it will only make be a better all around builder and will be an enjoyable challenge. My wife thinks I'm crazy too be sure, and as I talk about where it will end up when I'm finished; she's none too happy….. Should I gift it to RS New York, to the 1st Marine Corps District, to the Tun Tavern? Keep it, or maybe gift it to a local library/municipality…. Shoot, I have some rather influential Marines in my life that would appreciate it. We are talking lots of money invested and thousands of hours more than likely.
First the unboxing of the major components (kit and detail kits):
MRC/Gallery 1/350 (LPD-21) USS New York: #64007
Pontos Models San Antonio Class Detail Set: #35016F1
MRC/Gallery Carriet Deck Equipment Set: #64006
MRC/Gallery Marine Armor Set: #64004
MRC/Gallery Marine Air Assault Set: #64003


**WIP** 1/350 (LPD-21) USS New York (MRC/Gallery w/Pontos Detail Kit) on the following forums:

New WIP has been started on the 1/350 (LPD-21) USS New York (MRC/Gallery w/Pontos Detail Kit) on the following forums:

I will also build a page here for those that are outside those forums as well as some over on my FB shop page at:

Stay tuned, the unboxing will post in the next 24-48 hours…..

Beaman’s Scale Model Shop and Project Cave

Beaman’s Workshop FB Page

Go on over and check out my 1/350 (LPD-21) USS New York announcements and Wendy’s new creations.

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Scratch Shocktowers for '55 Chevy Sportsman

Diecast Lamborghini Murciélago

Kind of the idea I’ve got going for the top end of this Lambo’s engine. It’s a Bburago Diecast I’m detailing for my good friend

Has been in the Purple Pond for two weeks and still has a long way to go!


Ducati Desmosedici (Tamiya 1:12)

So I got stumped on my big Ferrari builds and decided to build something different in order to break free from it. I have now figured out what. My block is with the Ferrari’s; I know this because the same is beginning to happen with the Ducati Desmosedici: I’m over working and thinking it. Those who know me are already aware that this is something I do often. Works great with books, writing, and philosophy. One would think that scale models are also a good place for such OCD behavior. After all, isn’t attention to detail, clean building, and patience a large part of being successful in the hobby? Not at the expense of enjoying the hobby and not completing projects. So while I’ll update where I’m at with the Ducati build, I’m going to also try to move faster through this one so I can reattack the Ferrari’s once complete. I’d like to build clean like David Thibideau.


Ferrari 312T4 Autopsy

Attached is the box art of the 312T4… This is a highly detailed but broken edition. I will be breaking it down for parts and to build shop components to augment a Ferrari Garage Display. I will also get to practice my idea of using rare earth magnets to hold panels and some components in place. If successful I intend to incorporate into the new 1:12 kits an possibly into some 1:24/25 Enzo’s that I’m building (really unhappy with the fitment of rear engine bay door); maybe I’ll even open a hood on an Enzo or FXX.

Will take some componentry pictures late this week once I asses what damage is done. All the paint that I’ve seen must go and be redone. The body panels are not even painted, just clear coated on the outside. Many items appear to have been detail painted after being installed; I don’t want to build my T4 in the order of the instructions, so this autopsy will go along way for me to figure out how best with my skill set to build F1 cars.

Can be followed over in WIP pages-

Stay tuned






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