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Front door for the second half of my life using my time while disabled to study theology, dabble in my shop, and advocate for Liberty and Veterans who suffer with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Severe Memory Impairment, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumas, and those with Crohn's Disease and Seizure Disorder. Of course too I may muster the courage to begin my Scale Models again but fight tremor so bad that it maybe something best to just hang up and sell off. I've lost nearly every enjoyable skill and struggle with the idea of "doing it at all if I can't do so to the ability I once had". I'm most busy with doctors appointments and maintaining my 125 Year Old Home, but also pursue working in my shop and have unreasonable thoughts about once again building quality scale models. Basically its My Shop, Ranting, Retirement, and More… This blog was begun right before my health, career, and entire life's direction was wildly changed, so though the page is 6+ years old, it is bare boned.



Don’t Waste Your Life

This is a 2003 message delivered by John Piper to a campus group concerning his mantra at the time of ‘a wasted life’; but this audio message captures the essence of his book and makes you hungry for more. This is an excellent read and leaves you with a visionary path parallel to that which Christ has set us aside to do. The content should make you uncomfortable as any exegesis should; in that it states the truth and bares us to the bone it those ways that we fall woefully short. I believe you can find the mobi/pdf/ebook of his book ‘Don’t Waste Your Life’ at where you can find a virtual library on all of Piper’s works, but I’m more than willing to loan you the book itself if you desire to read it. I have to have the books in hand or in ebook so that I can return to all of the referenced scripture and do my own study and exegesis on the matters. If you’re wanting to borrow my actual copy, just PM me and I’ll loan it out to you. As a warning, you will not be able to listen to this and not somehow come away with a drive for action. -B

‘Don’t Waste Your Life’ -message delivered to the Campus Crusade Christmas Conference Dec 2003

Good for those who want to get into ARCs. I sure would but still.working with a couple of publishing houses.

Source: New Books and ARCs, 8/31/15 + Reminder: Dayton Tour Stop 9/1/15!


Thoughts on Will Durant’s Story of Civilizaton 

My post and a few thoughts on Will Durant….. I have many and most are not so nice, but a thorough historian he is. I just wish he were to stay in the academic and leave mocking religion or assigning the roots of each as branches of others. He did however write probably the most volumous history of the nations. Click my link to read
FB post regarding my observation concerning an example of what I believe are Will Durant’s flawed or just downright academically dishonest evaluation of historical documentation
What is sad is our children are taught things like this each and everyday and academia either does so intentionally or just no longer knows any better. I can assure you though that the textbook writers, curriculum developers, and most college professors know, yet do this sort of stuff as a living and therefore subvert our nation.

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