Ok, so I got too caught up yesterday to redact or add to my post…  We had a delicious dinner last night of sliced pork loin with sautéed peppers and artichoke hearts.  Afterwards, Wendy and I uncorked a bottle of wine and the girls commenced to doing gifts.  Allyson and Taylor were very happy to be sure….  Of course we had to play with things as they were unwrapped.  Wendy has given me a beautiful Bulova watch for Christmas/Anniversary and I of course have built her the tiled buffet she asked for.  Afterward we all played one of Allyson’s new board games and off to bed everyone went.

  This morning Allyson Rose was slow to rise, so much so that Wendy and I were already downstairs before she made a peep.  Since discovering the dollhouse that Santa brought to her overnight, she hasn’t moved to do anything but Christmas dinner.  Playing with the dollhouse is all that she’s interested in.  Wendy made a wonderful dinner with the ham that my parents had sent to us.  We had sweet potato fluff, a veg-all, biscuits, mashed potatoes, and gravy. 

  Now we’ll sit around watching Allyson play while awaiting the coming blizzard.  While we really wish Devon were here, I think that this has been a great Christmas and Anniversary.  We must also not forget that there are many Marines fighting for their lives and the lives of others in the Helmand Provence of Afghanistan for the opportunity to return home to their loved ones.  Merry Christmas to all!