Food Journaling/Wellness Challenge Aug/Sept 2014

Use a small book or pad of paper, what ever you please. Don’t have to publish, just be honest and try to learn something about how diet an rest are affecting you; we’re all different as you know. I would be willing to bet that by looking at how much water you consume alone, that many would step it up a notch and we’ll drop so pounds without a flashy diet; just hydration an honest awareness. Don’t get me wrong I est crap I shouldn’t all the time. But then I fast afterward of intentionally eat meals to offset my naughty ways. Then maybe though we can share some ideas that worked and didn’t. Do it and stick to it. Do get wrapped up our down about what you eat. Just log it and the symptoms (you know whatI mean) everyday for the month of August 2014. Log joint pain, abdominal pain, big flsti lent days from non, rate your sleep in the Am, irritability in afternoon, and ease of going to sleep at night. But get the hours done, how you feel and what you eat. At end of month I’m going to host a video conference for those who’d like to share or observe. Will go first week of September with prize drawing brought to you by local companies who are taking an interest in VA TBI, Crohn’s, and MS. Please respond so I have a bridge large enough to support the participants.
If anything your awareness as to the daily life of an MS, TBI, or Crohn’s patient will become palpable to you.

Even if you don’t participate, I could use the ‘like’ on the page more importantly than the post. Feel free to share go public. Thank you.

Questions/Hints call me 843-271-5600 or email at

Event link on FB; 1791 Thinkshop