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My concept of grace has, like most things in my life, been shaped byexperiences in combat.

In June of 2010, I had the honor of serving as a team leader for aMarine Corps Scout Sniper team in Musah Quelah, Afghanistan. Ourcompany was to clear the town of its Taliban presence, and when thingsgot really hairy, the whole battalion came to join the fight. CplClaudio Patino IV was a Marine on my team, and he was the livingpulse of it.


“Sup, ladies?”

My eight man team was a very effective unit, and we gothard results. I’ll leave the details out of it, but we were very goodat our jobs. Quite a bit of our actions against the enemy was due tothe insane courage and tactical proficiency of this one man.


He was not a “good” man in the sense that most of us see goodness, but he was very good at…

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