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Front door for the second half of my life using my time while disabled to study theology, dabble in my shop, and advocate for Liberty and Veterans who suffer with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Severe Memory Impairment, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumas, and those with Crohn's Disease and Seizure Disorder. Of course too I may muster the courage to begin my Scale Models again but fight tremor so bad that it maybe something best to just hang up and sell off. I've lost nearly every enjoyable skill and struggle with the idea of "doing it at all if I can't do so to the ability I once had". I'm most busy with doctors appointments and maintaining my 125 Year Old Home, but also pursue working in my shop and have unreasonable thoughts about once again building quality scale models. Basically its My Shop, Ranting, Retirement, and More… This blog was begun right before my health, career, and entire life's direction was wildly changed, so though the page is 6+ years old, it is bare boned.



So the Noles lost…

Surely they didn’t play well.  I don’t think having Ponder would have made much of a difference but for the score.  The VT did a great job.  I still say the Florida State team did far better this year than the were ‘supposed’ to have done and I’m glad I got to watch at least two games this year.  The Bucs are kind of having the same season (doing better than they are supposed to do and will come up short).  The Bowl Game will be good and Jimbo will have next year to prepare for now!

ACC Championship

So tonight, as unlikely as it would appear….. FSU is playing VT in the ACC Championship. If they pull it out tonight with snow forecast, it will send a strong message to the football world that FSU under Jimbo is back. Not just that, but years in advance of what many have though it would take. The leadership of any team is not something you can put a dollar amount on and it’s obvious that the design of the turnover for BB and Jimbo was done for all the right reasons. I think that very plan has a lot to do with how well they have done this year. Most teams would have derailed completely with the new complex Off/Def that they are working.

Good luck tonight Noles, I’ll be watching from Long Island. -B

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