(full article of topic and my response) School Teaches Zi & Zir Without Permission from Mom & Dad
By Todd Starnes. 

  Indiana parents are furious after eighth graders at Lincoln Junior High School were exposed to a classroom lesson on sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity issues – without being notified in advance by the school district.

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  The 12-year-olds were required to watch a video titled, “LGBTQ: Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities.” They were also required to answer a questionnaire with all sorts of probing questions.

Among the questions:

  1. What is sexual orientation?
  2. What is gender?

  3. At what age do kids start being exposed to gender stereotypes?

  4. What is an LGBTQ ally?

  5. What is gender expression?

  6. What is ‘coming out’?

  7. Name at least three resources that you can use to support you if you come out?

  8. What does GSA stand for and what does it do?

  9. What are two things you can do to show support of the LGBTQ community

  Plymouth Schools Superintendent Dan Tyree defended the one-day lesson — and said they haven’t received a single complaint. 

  “Schools have been concerned about harassment and bullying over sexual orientation and gender identity since President Obama’s directive on Title IX last year,” Tyree told me via email.

  He said the first-year teacher who conducted the class did not follow policy regarding how to address a controversial subject.

  “This was not part of the curriculum and it doesn’t directly address a state standard, but it is a national standard for grade 8,” he added.

  So teaching 12-year-olds about gender expression is a national education standard? Really?

  If that is in fact true, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos needs to abolish that standard – immediately.  

  I learned about the lesson from Monica Boyer, the president of the Indiana Liberty Coalition. She told me several angry parents reached out to her with copies of the lesson and the video.

  “The video turned my stomach,” she told me. “It’s nothing less than indoctrination. This has nothing to do with health class. It’s purely political.”

  To be clear, the video was not graphic. She was more disturbed by the tone and tenor of the content.

  “The message was basically that students are not cool unless they are pro-gay,” she said. “We want it completely removed from the classroom.”

  The superintendent did not respond to questions regarding the Indiana Liberty Coalition’s demands – including a promise to inform parents in advance of controversial lessons.

  “Parents need to know what’s happening in the classroom,” she said. “It’s our objective to let parents know this is going on without their permission.”

  I’m not surprised that Liberty Junior High School was caught indoctrinating children. Our public schools have been turned against us. Classrooms have been transformed into social engineering petri dishes.

As I wrote in my new book, “The Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again,” if we want to stop this radical, leftwing agenda, parents must engage themselves in the educational process.

Kudos to the Indiana Liberty Coalition for exposing this nefarious scheme.

My response-
 It’s not even identity politics, its facts -vs- feelings.   Why aren’t teaching licenses subject to condition other than ill prepared and nonproductive in-service hours? There have to be consequences and expectations as with any job; especially licensed jobs. Additionally those should be extended to any public college, university, or school to include any that have public grant monies, voucher students, or were established with any provisional tax conditions. That would designate only one college (Hillsdale) in the US exempt and would include a very large majority of private/charter grade schools that would then require licensed teachers/staff. Why not cuff continuing education (self or structured) with more frequent incremental testing where nonexistent or currently exist but widely spread at 5 and 10 year stints?

  We’ve got to know that that teachers know the subject and any emerging information or methods. Most importantly if it takes it, it takes it: a student bill of rights to protect them from teachers, professors, and fellows. I understand and support tenuring of professorships, but that pertains directly to the professor’s field of ‘expertise’ (cue some well targeted sarcasm to fields of study that are not fields but ideological bon fires most sociology departments, gender, race, LBGQT..LMNOP dance studies, etc…). Tenure has, since maybe around 1965 increasingly become a ticket [or increasingly a ‘license’ if you will] to indoctrinate. We have higher education TO teach one thing and one thing only: HOW to think; last and most certainly, it’s NOT to teach WHAT to think. 
  Some would say that’s ludicrous because there are facts and absolutes that must be learned. Well then maybe we’re coming together on this: right logic and thought would not allow for 2+2=5, Napoleon Bonaparte to have been the father of Napoleon Dynamite, or for some one to simply will the change if there age or chromosomes. Yes we need and have departments to better tailor that process and it’s only necessary rote facts and skills according to the field, but opinions should stop at the property line. 

  I fully support say, Ward Churchill’s right to write whatever he wants and claim to be whatever Indian Nation he desires to affiliate with that week; I want him to have to weather the consequences good or bad if his good or bad opinions just as I do. I couldn’t just go teaching and training Marines outside of doctrine in ‘Beaman’s World’ where there’s a suspension of anything other than that worldview; if I had, they’d have not the framework to evaluate, plan, provision, organize, communicate, lead, coordinate, and accomplish the mission.  

  As example, Ward Churchill is actually a pretty decently skilled debater, so…. maybe teach our kids how to debate with sound non-duplicitous logic that follows at least the law of non-contradiction? Heck, my 10 year can do that if queried and promoted soundly. But then, there’s the point; if I’m teaching her HOW to think. 

  Say I were to identify as a 60 year old, female, rhinoceros or maybe even a brontosaurus. Does supporting, encouraging, providing for, calling me said, and silencing those who’d recognize me for what actually I am educate or conflagration? 

  Should society or worse government force you to play pretend that I’m a 60 year old, female brontosaurus? It’s enabling psychosis is it not? Give our young what they need or give them back; start with returning grade schools and public colleges/universities wholly back to the State and community that they reside. After all we as citizens chose that State and Community.

  Then we could start sacking those who recklessly espouse wrongful thought, project upon those seeking knowledge opinions other than observable, verifiable, repeatable facts, and hold hostage those young by grades for what they think in that cesspool of crap instead of meriting/correcting how to think, observe, verify, and repeat. It’s toxic in our system not just for students, but some educators also. Maybe, just maybe there might be a correlation with these issues and the fact that we bring up the rear in the 1st World and many 3rd World nations with regard to measurable levels. Maybe, just maybe there’s a correlation here that while we spend more per student, provide more opportunities than ever before to everyone than ever before, and continually throw even more money and hence debt, there’s no budging in our progress. 

  I think you’d see a lot of parents who care, renting box trucks and moving to States and communities that do it well and you’d see institutions, educators, and communities that don’t meet that bar change there ways to compete. For those that say, but ohh.. what will happen to this town, that city, or this storied institution…. I’d say they’d make a change or save plenty of money when the demand for services and resources drops because of population shift. Maybe we’d become a nation that invents again, finds cures over treating symptoms, and makes more ‘things’ over creating this leviathan of circular services where the only thing that rises is inflation because unbalanced service based economies don’t produce goods and products, they simply exchange money or debt and any one persons profit or gain = inflation and interest increases of cost in not only goods but in those very same services they so hallow. Not to mention education is a service, and there’s no one among us who’d invest this much time, money, and I think must importantly our children’s future if we measured it the way we do our cellular service, internet speed, or even the pizza joint that delivers. 

  Sure this is my opinion, but I wouldn’t carry on to campus and espouse it from the front of our young. I’d hope one day they had collectively the intellectual honesty to arrive at a lot of these ideas themselves, but in the meantime they are bring indoctrinated in what to think instead of how to think. 

  Disclaimer: probably typos all over and I only go all caps at times because we haven’t quite graduated to italics that are understood (not to mention and maybe because there are now academic generations that don’t even know italics purpose). I’m trying to approach how to think, not what to think so maybe some of those with some intellectual honesty might look at this failure of a system and the poisoning of youth’s minds in light of truths and putting playing pretend aside. If I’m sideways on all of this educate me because this is 2¢ and after all, I still have 3 quarters, 2 dimes, and 3 pennies more to invest in sound thought and ideas that advance truths over pretending, and the non existent unicorn so many call political correctness. I’d like to leave that to our young instead of more crap.


Thanks go to Jack May for the dig!