Beginning a place for handwriting and the tools I use. Primarily will be a repository for the best (in my view, which is 2¢ worth) and informative of the fine people at places like The Fountain Pen Network , The Goulet Pen Company , The Pen Habit, and Pen Chalet. There are some other good things out there, but I want be sure to delineate between something that I pass on as primarily an information source and the sources that I’ve also done business with or have enough confidence to also stand by their products/services.


Sites that feed my knowledge and where to go digging on all things fountain pen related. This ranges from the largest and most active forum in the world to sellers who also do a whole lot to add to reviews and the knowledge base:

  • The Fountain Pen Network This forum is the internet’s single best hub for all things written. Here, you will interact with users from all over the globe who span newbie to lifelong seasoned wells of knowledge. The ‘citizenry’ are all very helpful and supportive.
  • the Goulet Pen Company While this is a great store for pens and inks, the videos, how-to’s , and reviews of pens, nibs, and inks are great.