Today’s topic was suggested to me by WordPress.  I don’t really see where this is an issue.  The question itself implies that this is a problem, but I’ll tackle it.

Staying entertained when snowed in, during hurricanes, or anything that prevents you from getting out all starts with preparation.  I personally work so much that I look forward to blizzards and hurricanes as opportunities to spend time with family.

– Preparation:  Obviously you need the necessaries like food and water; I usually make sure we’ve been to the store for required perishables in advance of storms.  Also too the whole battery or wind up radio to ensure that if you lose power you’ll be informed.  With the blizzards we’ve yet to lose power for too long, so the only big need outside of those listed is firewood.  With hurricanes the list goes on forever and preparation takes on a far more frantic flavor.

What is also important is to check the beer, coffee, and nicotine supply…. you don’t know how long it’s going to be before you can get back to the store; and since I rely on the exchange which is closed on Monday, weekend storms are disturbing (besides the fact that they mess up the only day I have off; Sunday)

– Riding it out:  I’m a nut when it comes to the weather…  I am the guy who is watching the bands come ashore and saying “we’ll get hammered in 20 minutes for 8 minutes.”  You have got to track the storm!  I have to pay attention 2-3 days out because of how it affects the job, but inside the window I use 2 tools, and The 1st because they always seem to have the amount of snow right and the 2nd because the ‘wundermap‘ is awesome for tracking the storm.

In my case I get lots done because my day to day job is so hectic that I can’t get my ‘planning’ job done.  Tea parties with 3 year olds are especially fun; I highly recommend them!  I can do awesome things that are work related when no phones are ringing and the girls are running around the house.  In fact some of my best plans have been done during storms; also too, it’s great to be able to sneak away with momma for a ‘nap’ during the storm……… ;- )

– Aftermath:  First off, NYC is horrible at moving snow; standby or start digging!  I have to be the first back to work, so dig snow out and dig often.  It is so much easier to move fresh snow so that I am ready for the snow plow…  What you don’t want to do is wait and wait for the plow and then act like you cant get to work.  That’s for chumps…  If you can enjoy the day off (if your lucky enough for to happen during the week) you can at least be ready to work the day after!

* All in all, I like being snowed in; I catch up on reading, snuggle with momma, play with the kids, work in the shop, and catch up on work.  I don’t want to waste that opportunity and it all starts with planning so that you want for nothing while your locked in the house…. If you can get out and dig, that’s a fun, you can get to work so you’re not a chump and it’s good PT too…..