I’ve retired from the Corps effective finally (July 1) and with the transition to Tennessee and back to the civilian life will also transition my hobby and writing (most of which could not see the light of day because of my service) to the second chapter of my life. I will of course try to model, but also have the story of restoring this 114 year old home, surviving TBI/PTSD, and living with Crohn’s Disease. I will work as an advocate to the causes, the needs of vets, those in my community, the cause and threat to Liberty (which in large part drove me to my retirement early as I could no longer serve in good heart under such tyranny). I will work consulting in my professional area of expertise with research and analysis of sales, quality control, and lean processes. I will do training and have already done some for companies/organizations in operations, sales, sales management, interpersonal management skills, quality control, and continuous process improvement or what many call Lean Process. I’m going to take the name 1791 Thinkshop and drop the use of my name as the website now that I can since leaving military service. Thanks and look for it all to sprout in a blur these coming weeks once we finally may receive our shipments from NY sometime in the coming week. Semper Fidelis, Shannon