The domain is moved but the bugs and links with the FB will take time because of what is called graph editor and how long it takes for profile to manifest in Union City.  You can help by checking in at the 1791 Thinkshop in a post. (simply type it into the ‘place’ of your post)

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I’ll get things streamlined and going soon.  I hate my current page design anyway so it will change much in the coming months as we get going.  We are still without HHG’s and have been told that maybe this week. (Its a long horrible issue/story that will take its own stage when it finally gets here.)   I finally had to break down and just rent beds this week because we couldn’t take it anymore.  Wendy and Allyson have already been here 40 days as of tomorrow.  I have so much to do with the VA stuff, medical stuff for the family, the houses immediate issues, my health, our sanity, etc…..  Life is rough but good.  We love and miss our Marine family and Friends and say thank you to the Family here and our new friends who’s help is invaluable.  Semper Fidelis, Shannon posted OTA via iPad