I think everyone did really good tonight. Allyson got a truckload as usual and a LeapFrog2. Taylor made off with an iPhone, Halo4, an annual XBox Gold membership, and more. Wendy got the Uggs she had been wanting and I got the Nike+ GPS watch & Black Ops 2…. Oh and I got an iPhone 5 because Wendy washed my phone 4s. Life is good, too bad I haven’t spent more time painting and have to return to work Wednesday. Gonna go lay down a coat of AlClad on the Tamiya 1:12 Ferrari 312T4 Chassis, set out Santa stuff and then snuggle with the love of my life. Be strong my Friends in harms way tonight. I’ve been forward on Christmas and I know how bad it blows, but at least we got to take out a monster ammo dump on Christmas morning as a gift. Kidding aside, the Beaman hearts and thoughts are with you.