-Mobile Toolkit: You may have seen in my Ferrari 312T4 WIP that I talk about my mobile tool kit or bag. Essentially, because I have a very busy life without a whole lot of time for building models, I have developed a kit bag using an old soft-sided fishing tackle bag. I have a self healing mat that is the exact size of the base of the bag which helps it hold my kit more or less in a well organized way. Being a Marine and having lots of experience packing for the field, I like having everything with a place and everything in its place. I have my sharp tools in hard-sided pen and pencil cases, then along the top have multiple transparent kevlar pencil cases from Blick Art Store that are sorted into sandpapers, files, sanding sticks, tweezers, scribes, sprue-cutters, etc.. I carry a small jar of CA, Tamiya Thin, and putty also. A breakdown bag that houses resealable bags of every sort, a bunch of large and small old prescription bottles, and a sharpie round out the kit. The kit allows me to take small parts that I’m prepping or working on with me to the bedroom, to the living room to watch TV, or even to work on processing Saturdays when there’s not a lot going on.

Check back soon as I’ll add photo’s and list out the products and unlikely items I use in my tools. I’ll also be listing my airbrush tools and over in the painting page will cover laquers, enamels, acrylics, and even inks and how I shoot acrylic hobby paints that come $0.99 of the shelf at your local Wal-Mart or Crafts Store.