The article reads like parody, but the radio interview linked below it is comedy gold (well, except for the fact that this professor is drawing a public salary):

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A Seattle woman, who fought allowing military recruiters in local high schools, is the lead author of a report that compares the behaviors of recruiters with the behaviors of sexual predators.Amy Hagopian, assistant professor with the University of Washington’s Department of Global Health concludes military recruiters are a “threat to the health of adolescents.”

Hagopian says, “A review of the medical literature suggests military service is associated with disproportionately poor health for young people. The youngest recruits have the greatest number of mental disorders in the U.S. military, including alcohol abuse, anxiety syndromes, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.”


This isn’t the first time that the esteemed Professor has been in the news concerning the issue. She made national headlines back in 2005 as a PTSA member leading an effort to boot recruiters out of local high schools, though failing to do so.  


“Grooming behavior is defined as the process by which a child is befriended by a would-be abuser in an attempt to gain the child’s confidence and trust,” Hagopian says.”

The Army? Not so amused:

“The Army calls the professor’s claim that military recruiters act like child predators “outrageous and offensive.””To say that a military recruiter has the same way of approaching young people that a twisted sexual predator does, is highly offensive and blatantly wrong,” says Douglas Smith, a spokesman for the U.S. Army Recruiting Command in Fort Knox, Kentucky.”


Now here’s your reward for slogging through all that above, listen to the Professor explain things in her own words as she was a guest on the local Dori Monson radio show this past Thursday afternoon?