So even though I have a huge inspection tomorrow at work, we’re trekking into the city today because my mother-in-law is leaving town and wants to see the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller before heading south on Monday.  In fact as I work on this draft before we go, eveyone is bustling around the house getting dressed and Allyson Rose is super excited:

Step 1 – Write your letters to Santa

Step 2 – Charge your camera battery

Step 3 – Have a place to park in the city

Step 4 – Ensure you have a plan

We didn’t pick a warm day to go (33 f), but it’s not going to get any warmer here in NYC until April next year.  If it were just the adults, we’d take the train in from Garden City, but have found things are far easier with the 3 year old when we drive; besides I have a parking spot on 42nd St 1/2 block off Times Square : )  Looking forward to a great day and will post pics tonight on FB