So today, I had to come pack to work after being gone in leave for most of the month. Didn’t do a whole lot be most people’s definitions; but for me it was all good. I was able to got to the gym almost everyday with my lovely bride to do cardio and lift weights. Have to say that spending time with her is the most rewarding part for of it all. We are both in far better shape that we were before and she’s happier with her self which makes me very pleased [happy momma, happy family]…. I tried quite a bit to work on my models during the time, but found myself jacking up bodies left and right, so many have ended up in the ‘purple pond’ because of all of the experimenting with new paints and method. Not so good, and I need a new bottle because the current power cleaner is not near as effective as when I started. I will be posting a second post WRT my experiences with using Duplicolor Shop Master Paint from the quart cans….. MTF