So I got stumped on my big Ferrari builds and decided to build something different in order to break free from it. I have now figured out what. My block is with the Ferrari’s; I know this because the same is beginning to happen with the Ducati Desmosedici: I’m over working and thinking it. Those who know me are already aware that this is something I do often. Works great with books, writing, and philosophy. One would think that scale models are also a good place for such OCD behavior. After all, isn’t attention to detail, clean building, and patience a large part of being successful in the hobby? Not at the expense of enjoying the hobby and not completing projects. So while I’ll update where I’m at with the Ducati build, I’m going to also try to move faster through this one so I can reattack the Ferrari’s once complete. I’d like to build clean like David Thibideau.