Oh so happy that the summer is here… Have a new billet starting soon and hoping to reverse some of the negative the last two years has done to me. For two years I’ve worked lights to lights in a building with no windows. This has robbed my body of both rest and the sunshine I have enjoyed all of my life. I have noticed that anytime I can get 4+ hours of direct sunlight on a Sunday, my energy level rises by boat loads and helps me Monday through Wednesday… By Thursday I’m dragging again. I wasn’t surprised at all with a diagnosis of chronic fatigue, nor that my Vitamin D was in the tank. With summer here, there are far less sit down dinners, but a whole lot more time out on the porch. Time very well spent and good times to build memories. Having a good time balancing work and home better while rediscovering that the sun actually has risen and set 730 times while I’ve holed up behind that desk.

Truth be told, I’d rather be outside and can’t wait to have some normal hours for the first time in 13+ years. My family, my health, and our spirits deserve it.