I think what I’ll do is edit and update this throughout the day today and just republish is again tonight before we go to bed awaiting Santa.

  As many know, tomorrow isn’t just Christmas Day, it’s also Wendy and I’s anniversary.  We’ve long talked about how silly it was to get married that day because of gift blur and not being able to get away together….  I think though that this year I am very much reminded why we thought it was such a good idea in the first place.

  If I am stateside, I will always have that day off; sure…  But Christmas is important for family and the celebration of Christ’s birth.  We had a family right from the start and as the years roll on things aren’t always a rose garden.  I have loved Christmas all my life and have both very good and very bad memories surrounding it.  I require no gift, for the blessings and love I enjoy in Wendy and our family is all I truly need.  Sure there are things that I want, but I could never have a Christmas without her.

  This year is and has been particularly hard on us medically, professionally, and as a family as many of you already know.  I hope that good will come from all of these things in time, but am reminded today as I am already excited to tell Wendy at midnight “Happy Anniversary, I love you now even more than ever” that she and I are stronger as one.  I am excited today though things are all messed up because it’s Christmas and I get to pause and celebrate that which is most important to me.  I can’t wait to start our 15th year of marriage and work to be a better husband, father, Marine, and man.

Gotta go make fudge and work on finishing Wendy’s gift……