Traffic to and from Manhattan wasn’t too bad.  There were costumed characters all over today taking tips for photo ops and Santa Claus was everywhere too.  Macy’s was crazy and it was far easier to take escalators than to wait on an elevator, so we took them all the way back down from the 8th floor after Allyson Rose mailed her letter to Santa.

Afterwards we headed over to Rockefeller to see the Christmas Tree….. The crowds were crazy there too, but what do you expect on a Sunday afternoon.  You would have thought we’d eat street food as we generally do, but Taylor insisted on having McDonalds.  The only other item of interest was that Taylor got a waiter at Planet Hollywood to walk her in and up to the display of the costumes of Bella and Edward from the Twilight movie (big deal I guess, cause she won’t stop talking about it.)  Wish I got to go to the city more, but it’s back to work again tomorrow.